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About Bill Reilich

​Bill has been nearly a life-long resident of the Town of Greece. He attended Greece Schools and has chosen to raise his family here as well. ​ ​

Bill was a former small business owner of over 28 years, Bill founded Upstate Alarm in 1975 which soon grew into the Reilich Corporation, which included Upstate Alarm and eventually expanded to include Upstate Patrol, a licensed guard agency and Upstate Telecommunications. Bill grew these businesses to employ over 60 full time employees – he knows how to create jobs.

Bill ultimately sold this business when he decided to run for State Assembly. Because of the challenges of operating a small business in New York State and the struggles while trying to grow and maintain his business, he first made the decision to run for State office so he could be an advocate for small business owners throughout our state and bring common sense to Albany. To this day, Bill still owns a small part-time business. ​

Bill is a businessman at heart and took his real-life experiences with him as he advocated on behalf of the families and businesses he represents in the 134th District. He is not a career politician, but someone who listens to those he represents and tries to give them a voice in Albany.

​​Bill frequently highlights the accomplishments of the youth in our district. Whether it is a young bowler bowling a 300 game or our newest Eagle Scout, he believes that these young people are our future and we should try to be sure that the positive new gets spread throughout the area instead of just the negative news which seem so often to be the only information that is shared. ​

Bill is the son of a twice-wounded WWII veteran and a member of the Sons of the American Legion. His parents lived in Greece until they were well into their golden years. They decided to pull up roots and moved out West for awhile, but their passion for family and their love of the Town of Greece, brought them both back here to live out their final days.

​While in public office Bill has never supported any new tax increases or unfunded mandates. He is a fiscal conservative who puts the needs of the people he represents before politics. He works tirelessly to try and reverse the out of control spending that has become the status quo in Albany and he has voted against countless budgets simply because they spent too much. ​

Bill is passionate about our Town; he truly believes that our best days are ahead of us. While Greece may have seen some rough times of late, Bill is determined to get things on the move again. He strongly believes there is so much we can improve upon. And with your support on Election Day – we can “Restore the Promise” for Greece.